National Identity Card Bangladesh

Today’s post is All about national identity card Bangladesh. What is National Identity Card (NIC)?

National Identification Cards or NICs are issued by the government of Bangladesh to their citizens.

To facilitate various services such as banking, health care, etc.

The NIC contains information about the holder such as name, address, date of birth, gender, photograph, signature, thumb impression, biometric data, etc.

A national ID card is a document by the government to identify individuals. In Bangladesh, every citizen has to apply for a NIC before he/she can get a passport.

NIC or National Identity Card is required for opening a bank account, applying for a loan, buying property, getting married, etc.

Types of NIC

Two types of NIC issued Government of Bangladesh.

NIC-1: this type is an ordinary type of NIC which is issued to all Bangladeshi nationals.

This type of NIC contains only basic personal details and no biometrics.

NIC-2 is a special type of NIC that contains biometrics along with other personal details.

This is called the Smart ID card national identity card in Bangladesh.

National identity card Bangladesh

National Identity Card Bangladesh
National Identity Card Bangladesh

For instance, National Identity Card or NID Card is an electronic identity card that is officially issued to every Bangladeshi citizen at the age of 18 years.

After all, NID is used to carry the identity of a citizen as well as for multiple essential public services, including personal services such as banking transactions.

It is important for all adult citizens of Bangladesh to have NID.

For instance, The NID is mandatory

History of NID card

Biometric for all adults in Bangladesh. The NID is provided free of charge to all adults in Bangladesh.

identification has been around in Bangladesh since 2008.

After 2016, biometric identification was implemented for the Bangladesh election commission.

This new system includes all 10 fingerprints, along with other biometrics and personal information.

Smart identity cards are more secure than paper-based ones.

How to Get a New Voter Id Card Online?

All residents of Bangladesh who are not citizens of Bangladesh but are already 18 years old by 1st January 2022 must register for a national identity card.

\You can register for classes at your Thana or district office. To become a new voter, you need some documents.

## Inputs For example,

  • SSC Certificate – (Age proof certificate)
  • Date of Registration – (Age proof certificate)
  • Passport / Driving License / TIN- (Age proof certificate)
  • Utility bill copy/house rent receipt / holding Tax Receipt – (usually lives in the area of any such evidence)
  • Citizenship certificate (if applicable)
  • Father, mother, husband/wife Id copy cards (if applicable)

Smart National Identity Card

The smart national identity card is a new type of ID card that contains an integrated circuit chip.

Smart voter ID Card It is a pocket-sized plastic card, almost the same size as a credit card.

It stores all the information about the holder.

After all, a citizen’s personal details such as a-

  • person’s name,
  • address,
  • date of birth,
  • gender,
  • photo,
  • signature,
  • fingerprint,
  • iris scan,
  • retina scan, etc.

Are stored when making a voter ID card.

The cardholder receives 22 different services including banking, e-TIN, driving license, passport, etc.

NID Help Center and Phone Call Number

You can call and discuss your problems from any Bangladeshi Mobile Operator to Nid Helpline Number without any charge.

Bangladesh election commission’s phone number is 105.

you can talk with NID Help Center about any problem from 10 am to 8 pm Bangladesh Time.

Bangladesh election commission helpline number105
Official Website
Fax No0-2-5500 85 15
Facebook Page
AddressNirbachan Bhaban (7th – 8th Floor), Agargaon, Dhaka-1207
Bangladesh national identity card helpline and contact address

you can directly visit the head office by following Address Bangladesh Election Commission, Election building, Plot No E 14/Z, Agargaon, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.

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Smart ID card correction fee

When you register your vote, you must fill out a form called Form 2.

This form contains your name, address, date of birth, and other personal details.
You also sign your name on the front side of the card.

The backside of the card contains more information about your identity.

This includes your address, blood type, and place of birth.

  • Information Change
  • Address Change
  • Move You Voter Area
  • Photo Change
  • Re-Print National ID Card/Voter ID Card
  • National ID Card Present Process Information

Bangladesh National Identity (NID) Card; its use as a voter’s identity card; procedures to obtain one smart ID card correction fee

To prevent fraud, there is a fee for correcting errors on these forms. For the first time, the fee is Tk.230, then Tk.345, and finally Tk.575.

First timeTk. 230
2nd timeTk. 345
FinallyTk. 575
Bangladesh National Identity Card correction fee

The voter ID card should contain all the details mentioned above. The candidate should pay the fee before starting the process.

He/she should also wait for 2 months to receive a modified voter ID card.

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Necessary documents for smart ID card correction

The candidate must upload the following documents:

  • Birth Registration Certificate,
  • Secondary Examination Certificate,
  • Equivalent Examination Certificate,
  • Employee Book or Monthly Payment Order,
  • Driving License,
  • Passport,
  • Trade License.

A woman must get married before she changes her name.

She needs to submit a certified copy of the marriage certificate, an attested copy of divorce decrees, or the death certificates of her husband.

An affidavit by the magistrate court is also required.

A candidate should be given a chance to prove himself/herself before being elected into office.

This is done by giving them a chance to run for election.

Students should get smart IDs by next February. Their parents’ death certificates must be provided.

You will need to provide “an attested copy of the Certificate of Educational Qualification” subject to proof of the reason you need to correct the sentence.

Characteristics of the National Identity card

The National Identity Card Bangladesh post provides information on the need and requirements for making Bangladesh ID cards.

Now it is necessary to create a national identity card for all adult citizens of Bangladesh.

This document includes security features such as biometric data and facial recognition.

Citizens must carry this document at all times.

The High Commissioner of Canada to Bangladesh, JS, passed national identification registration.

How can I get a NID card in Bangladesh?

SSC or equivalent certificate.
Birth certificate.
Passport, driving license, or TIN certificate (if available)
Utility bill copy, house rent receipt, or holding tax receipt (as proof of address)
Attested photocopy of Father, mother, husband, or wife’s NID.
You can easily apply for your voter ID card by attaching the required documents.

How do I correct my NID card online?

Anyone can change or update their Bangladesh National Identity Card information. Bangladesh Government And the Election Commission have been given the opportunity to change National ID cards by online system.

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We hope you find out about National Identity Card Bangladesh.

For information about National Identity Card Bangladesh or Smart ID Card, please visit the Bangladesh Election Commission website.

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