Electric Bill Calculation BD | How To Calculate Electricity Bill?

Electric Bill Calculation BD Post helps you to calculate the electric bill for your home in Bangladesh. It calculates the amount of electricity you will have to pay and lets you know how much it costs per kWh.

You can use this calculator to find out what kind of electricity plan you need, whether you should buy an expensive or cheap one or if you should get a fixed-rate contract.

This calculator also shows you how many kilowatt-hours you will consume over a period of time. The results are displayed in reality.

Electric Bill Calculation BD 2022 – Electricity Bill Calculator BD Bangladesh

Electric Bill Calculation BD Bangladesh
Electric Bill Calculation BD Bangladesh

We need to follow these rules to calculate our electricity bills. First, know all of the terms of the calculation rules, then move on to the next step.

Net bill = Usages Energy Bill + Meter Bill

Your Energy Bill isAmount of units used per month (kWh) × Price per unit.
Meter bill isDemand Charge + Service Charge
Demand Charge isTk. 15 
Service chargeTk. 10 for single-phase, Tk. 30 for three-phase
VAT5% of your Net Bill

If you don‘t pay the bill within a fixed time, you have to pay an extra 5% in the next month as a penalty.

Electricity Bill BD – Load Calculation

From the above discussion, we know that Net Bill = Energy Bill plus Meter Bill.

To calculate the monthly electricity bill, first, we must know the number of kilowatt-hours used each month and the price per kWh. After that, we can say that 90 percent of our work is done!

To know the number of units used in a month (or year), we first need to calculate the load. It depends on what loads we use and how many watts those loads are.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you

  • If the load is measured in watts, then it’s W. Wattage is measured in watts.
  • If given in horsepower (or watts), say power runs at 2.5 HP. You have to multiply 746 by 2.5, which would mean you are converting HP to Watts.
  • The converts W (Watt) to kWh (Kilowatt). Divided W by 1000 to convert it to kilowatts.
  • Multiply kW by time (hours) to get usages unit numbers.

Next, we will calculate the monthly electricity usage. Read the calculation carefully.

Home Electricity Bill Calculation BD 

We’ll try to clear the electricity billing process through an example of mathematics.

Suppose you have 2 fans of 80 watts, 3 lights of 40 watts,  220V, 0.4A, 0.8 μF television, and a 2HP water pump in your home that runs for an average of 6 hours daily.

So what will be the electricity bill for April if the bill price per unit is BDT 6.5 TK?

2 fans of 80 watts that will consume watts in 1 day80 × 1 = 160W
For 4 lights of 20 watts that watt consumption in 1 day20 × 3 = 60W
For television, P = VICosϕ220 × 0.4 × 0.8 = 70.4W
2HP motor that will consume watts in 1 day 2 × 746 = 1492W

But our loads will not last 24 hours a day. It will only last 6 hours which we have seen in the example.

So the total watt consumption in 1 day is = (160W + 60W + 70.4W + 1492W) × 6 = 1782.4W × 6 = 10694.4 W.

  • We know that if we divide watts by 1000, we will get kilowatts (kWh).
  • So, the cost per kilowatt in 1 day is = 10694.4 W/1000 = 10.6944 kWh.
  • For the full monthly bill, there are 30 days in April, so the total usages unit of April will be 10.6944kWh × 30 = 320.832 kWh or 320.832 units.

The price per unit is given BDT 6.5. So April’s electricity bill will be = 320.832 × 6.5 = 2,085.405 TAKA.

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Actual Calculation of Bidyut in Bangladesh 

We’ve calculated something using a mathematical formula from a book. Now, what if you want to calculate it for an actual bill? There are some other factors to take into account. Remember the rule I gave at the beginning.

If we consider the bill of DESCO

1-75 unit costs3.8 TAKA
76-200 unit costs 5.14 TAKA
201-300 Unit costs 5.36 TAKA


Consumer TypePer Unit Price 
LifeLine: 01 to 50 units3.36 Taka
First Slab: 01 to 75 units3.80 Taka
Second Slab: 76 to 200 units5.14 Taka
Third Slab: 201 to 300 units5.36 Taka
Forth Slab: 301 to 400 units5.63 Taka
Fifth Slab: 401 to 600 units8.70 Taka
Sixth Slab: Above 600 units9.98 Taka

Now, we will calculate the full bill based on the usage of our power unit in April:

Customers are paid a default electricity bill as a lifeline slab when used below 50 units.

Electricity unit price in Bangladesh 2022

However, if we calculate the current electricity bill (Electric Bill Calculation BD), there is one type of bill up to 75 units, one type of bill from 76 to 125 units, one type of bill from 125 to 200, one type of bill from 201 to 300, and another bill per unit.

The Electric Bill Calculation BD that we will do has cost us 320.832 units of electricity.

So let’s do this Electricity bill calculator BD without delay.

SLABUnitsUSE UnitsPrice
11 to 7575 Units75*3.36=250 TK
276 to 12550 Units50*3.80=190 TK
3126 to 20075 Units75*5.14=385 TK
4201 to 300100 Units100*5.36=536 TK
5301 to 320.83220.832 Units20.832*5.63=114.75 TK

Electricity bill calculation formula in excel

So, Our Electricity bill calculator BD Caculate is (75+50+75+100+20.382)= 320.832 units.

Above all, Our Electricity bill is (250+190+385+536+114.75)= 1475.75 Taka.

  • Service Charge = 10 TK.
  • Demand Charge = 15 TK.
  • VAT = 5%

So Electric Bill Calculation BD is Meter Bill = Demand Charge + Service Charge = 15 + 10 = 25 TK.

  • Total Bills = (1475.75+ 25) = BDT 1500.75 without VAT.
  • Add 5% VAT = 1475.75 × 5% = 75.0375.8294 TK.
  • Meter Cost = 40 TK

Then Net Bill will be = BDT 1500.75 + 75.0375 + 40 = 1575.7875 TK.

Remember: If you don’t pay your bill in time, you’ll have to pay an additional fee of 5% of your total bill.

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How To Calculate Electricity Bill?

Calculating electricity bills is easy when you know the following three steps:
1. Find out the amount of energy consumed during the month.
2. Determine the price of energy.
3. Add up all these amounts.


So, I think you understand everything now. To be more specific about Electric Bill Calculation BD, I wrote some of the articles.

Whatever the calculation is, the rule is correct If you run into any problems, let us know! Thanks for reading.

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