How Many Copa America Has Argentina Won?

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We all know that Argentina is a very Good team in this world. They have lots of quality players.

One of the best players in the world in their team. The key player of the Argentina team is Lionel Messi.

How many copa America has Argentina won 

The copa America has Argentina won

Since 1921, Argentina has won the Copa America 15 times. The last time was Argentina against Brazil in last year’s Copa America.

Argentina has won the title 15 times at home. The most Champion teams in Copa America history are Argentina and Uruguay.

Like Argentina, Uruguay has win the Copa America 15 times. Except For Argentina and Uruguay, no other team has win the copa America more than 15 times.

The biggest team in the world, Brazil, have won the Copa America 9 times. That’s 6 times less than Argentina.

However, compared to Argentina, Brazil has played 15 fewer Copa America cups than Argentina.

Most of the participating teams of Copa America are Uruguay. They have played in the Copa America a total of 45 times.

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The Copa America has Argentina won

The number of times Argentina has won the copa America is given in the table from below

List of Argentina Copa America win

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