Robi Internet Package 2024 List | নতুন রবি ইন্টারনেট অফার

Robi Internet Package 2024 is today’s Post. Robi is one of the most popular telecom companies in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of internet packages, including monthly internet offer packs. In this article, I will be sharing all the details about Robi’s new internet offer pack for 2024 and how it can benefit you.

First of all, Robi has updated its new offers and added some restrictions to its existing plans. Its flagship plan now offers unlimited data at an affordable price, and it also includes free voice calls and SMS.

Additionally, Robi has launched a new 349 Taka plan that offers 16GB of data per month. The 497 Taka plan now offers 45GB of data per month.

All these plans come with 30 days’ validity so that you can test them out before making a decision. Moreover, Robi has also launched a new ‘Internet Plus’ Minutes bundle that bundles its high-speed internet package with unlimited VoIP calls and SMS at no extra cost.

This Robi bundle offer is perfect for small businesses that need to use their phones for business as well as personal purposes.

So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable telecom package that offers good speeds, then Robi should be your first choice. You can check out the Robi Internet Package 2024 List here.

Robi Internet Package 2024 Recharge list

Robi Internet Package 2023 Recharge list
Robi Internet Package 2024 Recharge list

In the first table related to Robi Internet offers, we will discuss only the Internet offers provided by Robi to the customers.

There are three main types of Internet offers provided by Robi: prepaid, postpaid, and bundled plans.

Robi Internet Package 30 days 2024 – রবি ইন্টারনেট প্যাকেজ ৩০ দিন মেয়াদ

3 GB208 Taka30 Days
7 GB298 Taka30 Days
12 GB338 Taka30 Days
27 GB498 Taka30 Days
45 GB598 Taka30 Days
60 GB698 Taka30 Days
100 GB798 Taka30 Days
Robi Internet offer Monthly 30 Days

All Offer is to Recharge Robi Internet Package 2024, So, please recharge the right amount for your needed internet pack.

Robi Internet Package 7 days 2024

1 GB48 Taka7 Days
2 GB68 Taka7 Days
4 GB98 Taka7 Days
7 GB148 Taka7 Days
10 GB168 Taka7 Days
16 GB198 Taka7 Days
28 GB238 Taka7 Days
40 GB278 Taka7 Days
Robi Internet Package 7 days 2024

The prepaid plans allow customers to start with a small amount of money that can be used to purchase items or services online through the use of vouchers.

The postpaid plans typically offer higher speeds and more features than the prepaid plans but require a deposit from the customer before service activation.

Finally, bundles provide multiple products or services for one price that usually include both broadband and telephony services.

Robi provides many different combinations of the Internet offers depending on what type of plan an individual is

And then we will make one more table to tell you about the Robi bundle offer that provides internet and minutes together. Let’s see about Robi Internet packages.

Robi Recharge Internet offer 2024

68 Taka4.5 GB3 Days
89 Taka10 GB3 Days
129 Taka10 GB7 Days
147 Taka15 GB7 Days
349 Taka16 GB30 Days
429 Taka25 GB30 Days
497 Taka45 GB30 Days
Robi Internet package 2023 list

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Robi internet package for 30 days Bundle

Robi internet package for 30 days Bundle
Robi internet package for 30 days Bundle

Currently, popular Robi internet packages are Robi bundle offers. In those offers, Robi provides customers with minutes and internet together.

Bangladeshi mobile phone users prefer to purchase minutes and internet together in the same recharge, so this is a step taken by Robi Telecom.

RechargeCombo PackageValidity
36 Taka1 GB + 15 Minutes3 Days
79 Taka3 GB + 30 Minutes3 Days
98 Taka2 GB + 25 Minutes7 Days
122 Taka2 GB + 70 Minutes7 Days
149 Taka4 GB + 150 Minutes7 Days
198 Taka4 GB + 150 Minutes30 Days
269 Taka5 GB + 2000 Minutes30 Days
397 Taka10 GB + 200 Minutes30 Days
499 Taka22 GB + 500 Minutes30 Days
599 Taka25 GB + 500 Minutes30 Days
648 Taka30 GB + 700 Minutes30 Days
799 Taka40 GB + 800 Minutes30 Days
899 Taka50 GB + 1000 Minutes30 Days
Robi Internet package 2023 bundle offer list

You can see the Robi internet package list in the above two tables and purchase the offer of your choice.

But in this case, it is better to say that the number of Robi bundle offers is more than the offers that have been given to you only in the case of the Internet in Robi Internet packages.

If you want to use Robi Minutes and the internet together, the Robi bundle offer is one of the best offers for you.

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How to get Robi Internet Offer 2023?

There are a few ways to get a Robi internet offer. You can use the Robi Recharge method to purchase the Robi SIM internet offer. You can also easily purchase Robi Internet offers through My Robi Apps if you directly recharge My Robi with a specified amount.

To use the Robi Recharge method, you will need to follow these steps:

  • – Visit and sign in or create an account
  • – Click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page
  • – Under “Recharges”, click on the “Recharge my SIM” button
  • – Enter your recharge details, including your mobile number and bank account number (if applicable)
  • – Click on the “Submit” button to finish recharging your SIM

Best way to buy Robi internet package

Currently, you should use the Robi recharge method to purchase any offer package from Robi Telecom. But the best Robi recharge method is Robi Ghaichang Store Recharge.

Robi top-up retailers can easily tell you about your offers in the Robi Ghatchang store recharge system.

Also, you will get an SMS containing a Robi offer on your mobile after recharging in this way. You can view and purchase your favorite offers from the SMS.

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How to check the Robi internet package?

To check Your SIM Robi internet package please dial *999# from your Robi number or Visit Robi top-up center.

How to activate the Robi internet package?

To activate the Robi internet package recharge the mentioned amount on the table.


Hope you got to know about Robi Recharge Internet Package 2024. Robi Internet offer and Robi bundle offer packages are the best among the current telecom operators in Bangladesh.

If you have any comments about Robi Recharge Internet Package 2024 please comment and also join our Facebook page.

On our website, you can get detailed information about telecom offers and money income online.

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