Birth Registration in BD Online | Digital Jonmo Nibondhon Registration

Birth Registration in BD Online 2022 is our today’s post. Birth registration is the process of officially recording the birth of a person or child in a country.

The Digital Jonmo Nibondhon Registration or Birth registration is essential in ensuring that children are registered with their parents and have a valid identity document.

Birth registration also helps to ensure that births are recorded accurately so that vital statistics can be compiled and used for population planning.

If you are looking to register your child’s birth, or if you need to check the status of your birth registration, please visit our website today.

Birth Registration in BD Online 2022

Birth Registration in BD Online
Birth Registration in BD Online

Every Bangladesh nationality has to register their birth with a designated birth registrar (Bangladesh Missions overseas if born outside Bangladesh) within 45 (forty-five) days of the child’s birth, according to the Births and Deaths Registration Act of 2004.

If a birth registration is completed within 45 days of the event, no charge will be incurred.

Requirements of birth registration in bd 2022

step 1#

A birth registration application must be filed ONLINE for all applicants and offline processes are available in child-born areas.

To apply for the BDRIS application form, please visit the link

Please COPY AND PASTE the link into your browser if it doesn’t work above.

Please print a copy of the application and attach the following items after completing your online registration:

step 2 important document for birth registration

For Adult Bangladesh Nationals:

  1. Duly filled in cover page (please download from the link download here) with mobile number and email address;
  2. One passport-size photograph of the applicant;
  3. Certified copy of Bangladesh passport;
  4. Certified copy of the birth certificate;
  5. Payment receipt;

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For a child of Bangladeshi nationals born overseas:

  1. Parents’ digital Birth Certificate (for children born after 2001);
  2. One passport-size photograph of the child;
  3. Child’s overseas birth certificate (original) OR, A photocopy of overseas birth certificate attested by a JP/GP/Police/Pharmacists;
  4. Original Bangladesh passport (valid or expired) of either of the parents along with a photocopy; OR, A photocopy of the information page of the passport attested by a JP/GP/Police/Pharmacists;
  5. Mobile number and email address of either of the parents.

[Self-addressed trackable pre-paid envelope in case of mail-in-service]

N.B: After collecting the whole set of papers, birth registration will be handled.

Essential information must be entered in English using BLOCK letters on the application form in Bangla.

Processing time:

15 days after fulfilling all the requirements.

Sometimes Bangladesh Govt authority needs more time to Digital Jonmo Nibondhon Registration.

Birth Registration Fees 2022

  1. Within 45 days of birth: Free of charge
  2. After 45 days of birth: A$ 2.00

Digital Jonmo Nibondhon Payment:

Cash, credit card, personal cheque, or direct deposit are all prohibited methods of payment at the High Commission.

The following methods are requested by the High Commission for making payments:

By postal money order/bank cheque payable to Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra / EFTPOS (at the High Commission, Canberra premises only) or

Through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT):

Account details of Bangladesh High Commission

Account NameBangladesh High Commission
Account No145274
Bank NameWestpac
Swift CodeWPACAU2S (applicable for overseas transactions only)

The overseas applicants from New Zealand & Fiji are requested to make their payment by Bank Cheque (International Bank Draft).

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Make separate payments for each service.  

As banks in Australia need three working days to clear the transaction, please move the payments at least 03 working days before your appointment at the High Commission or receipt of documents by the High Commission (if sending them by mail). 

Where to Submit my Jonmo Nibondhon document

The applications along with other necessary documents may be sent to the following address by registered mail/courier, or may be submitted in person:


Bangladesh High Commission

57, Culgoa Circuit, O’Malley, ACT 2606

Canberra, Australia

(Submission in person: On working days from 0930-1300 hrs & 1400-1700 hrs.)


The delivery of the documents may be obtained in the following ways:

  1. By the applicant in person; or,
  2. By authorized person. In this case, a letter of authorization issued by the applicant as well as proof of identity of the authorized person (photo IDs such as driving license, passport, etc.) shall be required in addition to the delivery slip; or,
  3. By postal mail. In this case, a self-addressed pre-paid Express envelope/Courier (signature on delivery) shall be sent to the High Commission while sending/submitting the application.

To register for Birth Registration in BD Online 2022 The parent or guardian must complete the following steps.

A birth certificate issued by a government office after verifying the identity and nationality of both parents;

proof of legal custody if an au pair is taking care of the child.

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How to apply for Birth Registration in BD Online?

You will be required to provide basic personal information such as your name, date of birth, place of birth, etc., and some documents to register a Birth Registration in BD.

In Conclusion,

In this blog, we will tell you all about the process of registration for birth in Bangladesh online.

You will learn about the different steps involved in registering for a birth, the deadlines, and the necessary documents that you will need to submit.

We hope that this blog will help you get everything ready for your upcoming birth and make it a smooth process!

Birth Registration in BD Online all official informetion is here.

Digital Jonmo Nibondhon Registration online is possible now.

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