SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh (All SIM Update) 

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh is our today’s post. Do you want to check register a SIM card without visiting any mobile shop or agent? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to share some useful information regarding sim registration check online Bangladeshi.

SIM cards are very important for every Bangladeshi citizen. The SIM Card is used for sending and receiving calls, SMS, data transfer, etc.

Currently, SIM cards are also used to identify the user.

Every person has his/her unique number called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

SIM Card Registration Check Online GP Robi Airtel Biometric SIM

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh
SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh

Bangladesh has adopted the Biometric Sim Card Registration method as a measure for minimizing criminal activities using unidentified and Fake SIM Cards.

More than one SIM card can register under one NID Number.

Because now many people are worried whether their SIM is actually registered in their own name.

Also, many customers are interested to know how many SIMs are registered under their NID card and what are the numbers.

This article will introduce How to Do a SIM Card Registration Check. Let’s Explore the Different Options.

How many SIM cards can I register under my name OR NID?

You can register up to 15 sim cards under 1 NID number. So you should carefully use the number of SIM card benefits. VAT Registration Online Application Form.

Online SIM Registration Check In Bangladesh

It is very important to register SIM cards. This will help us identify if there is any other registration.

We can also check the city with which ID we are registered.

We can use a secret SMS code to view the sims are with which ID our SIM card is registered.

This is an automated system. Please do not reply to this message. Your number is *16001#.

After dialing Online SIM Registration Check-in Bangladesh this message will show on your mobile screen.

” To know your biometric registration numbers, dial the last 4 digits of your NID/other ID card and send “

Then Write down your NID card number (Last 4 Digit) and send it. BTRC will send you an SMS with your result.

You can also get different information about the same topic from different operators.

For example, if you dial *1600*2, you’ll get a message from Bangladesh operator Robi.

If you dial *1600*3#, you’ll get an SMS from the Grameenphone Telecom operator.

Airtel has been given permission to increase the number of SIM cards by the government.

This means that people who use prepaid or postpaid services will be allowed to buy more than one SIM card.

However, this does not mean that you can get unlimited data. You might still be limited to 1GB per month.

Online Sim registration check code

A universal checking code from BRC checks whether or not your NID card contains any SIM cards.

You should get a message saying that your SIM card is ready. Now you need to register your SIM card.

To do this, you must enter the following information:

You should always remove unused SIMs from your phone. This helps you avoid problems when you’re using an unfamiliar SIM card.

Operator NameShort Code
Grameenphone (GP)Write “info” and send 4949
RobiDial *1600*3#
BanglalinkDial *1600*2# 
AirtelDial *121*4444#
TeletalkWrite “info” to 1600
SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh 2022

GP SIM Registration Check

Would you like to check your GP SIM registration? Then follow this procedure given below.

First, go to the message option on your mobile. Then type “info”. Once written, send it to 4949. GP SIM will notify you via SMS.

Robi sim registration check

There are two ways to check if a SIM is registered or not.

First, you can use the official website of Robi ( Second, you can use the Universal SIM Registration Checker Code.

You will get a list of numbers when you call *1600*3#. All of your Robi SIM numbers will be listed there.

Banglalink SIM Registration Check

If you’re a Banglalink SIM subscriber, the USSD code for checking registered phone numbers under your account and NID card is *16002# (note the apostrophe).

There is no specific USSD code to check if your NID card is designated by Banglalink or not.

You can use the universal SIM check code to perform the SIM card check.

Airtel SIM Registration Check

You can register for an airtel sim card by dialing the USsd code of our Airtelsim registration check below.

Dial the code from your mobile phone *121*4444#.

Teletalk SIM Registration Check

You can check your Teletalk SIM registration by sending an SMS. But there are some rules to follow when doing this.

First, you need to go to the message menu on your phone. Then you have to type info.

Finally, you can send the message by dialing 1601.

SMS comes after a while.

About SIM Registration FAQ

How can I check my SIM registration in Bangladesh?

Dial *16001#, then a popup will appear on the screen Enter the last four digits of the NID (National ID Number). Enter and then press Next to receive a message containing the names of the people who are registered under the NIDs.

How can I check my SIM registration NID?

To check SIM registration on your NID, Firstly Dial *16001# any mobile operator. Then Enter the last four digits of your National ID number. You’ll receive the number of registered SIMs under the NID. (NID stands for Bangladesh National ID card.

How do I know how many SIM cards are activated with my ID?

To know how many SIM is registered on your NID dial *16001# and reply 4 digit NID number. BTRC will send an SMS to inform you about how many SIM is registered on your NID.

How can you change sim ownership?

It’s possible to transfer ownership of a SIM card. Only licensed local operators can help you. You will need to submit some documents as proof of residence and a photo ID.

SIM kar name registration

Ha bondhura sim kar name registration jante apni upore dekhano poddoti guli onusoron korte paren.


That’s for SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh.

Biometric SIM registration was introduced to prevent people from fraudulently using SIM cards and help track them in case of an emergency.

Check your SIM card regularly to see if any unknown numbers are registered under your account. Be extra careful when handling your IT possessions and stay secure.

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